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Honeymoon Packages

We offer various destinations for honeymoon packages which you can select from the destination link above. In case if you have other preferences, then please send us your specific destination request and we shall guide you accordingly.


Family Packages

Dubai, Disneyland Paris, Cape Town, Durban, Suncity, Singapore etc, are some of the destinations preferred by families. However if you wish for some different experience then please write to us with details and we will be pleased to assist.



Nos sempre gostamos do serviço da Dona Smitha, porque:

  • - é comunicativa, sempre disponível, acolhedora e aconselhadora.
  • - ela não só vai de acordo com o pedido mas sempre aconselha o que é de melhor para nós; as melhores opções e o melhor preço.
  • - Nos ja desfrutamos dos serviços dela e sempre saímos satisfeitos e sempre que precisarmos planear viagens contacteremos a ela e aconselhamos a todos que querem ter uma viagem que adiram o serviço de Smitha.

Pooja & Jatin


  • - We have worked with Smitha in two occasions: the first one before she decides to move to a personal challenge and the 2nd one very recently under her private journey.
  • - In both occasions, Smithas approach was always very helpful, responsive and very professional. Her suggestions in regards to accommodation, location and price we find very balanced in terms of cost-benefits.
  • - The fact that we revert back to her services, it tells all about how happy we are with her service delivery.Well Done! !

Mr. Alberto Sidonio Bila
(Executive Director - Moza Bank)
& Mrs. Helia Campos
(HR Manager - Standard Bank)


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